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Product Description: Evaporator is a very important part of the four pieces of refrigeration, low temperature condensation "liquid" body through the evaporator, with the outside air for heat exchange, "gas" of endothermic, to achieve the effect of cooling.

Product Name: Evaporator


1, the evaporator has a diameter of φ200mm and a height of about 100 mm.

2, the evaporator for the metal round structure, the wall should be smooth, the evaporator edge may not have burrs or bumps and other defects.

3, all parts of the water should be in contact with the smooth, with their joints or joints should be tight, solid, no leakage of water.

4, the evaporator of the zero, the assembly of components should be correct, not loose, deformation and other effects of the use of defects.

5, the evaporator of the zero, the protective coating should be solid parts, uniform, smooth, no delamination, corrosion and other defects.

6, the evaporator and the installation frame should be easy to install, and can make the evaporator in normal use will not be affected by the wind and off.

7, accessories: with a measuring cup, a water storage device, a installation of a frame, a metal mesh screen (anti-bird drinking water, the user can choose).

Scope areas: chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and other industries.